• Postcards from Romania

    Romania, 2014-2015

    Since the revolution of 1989, that ended the Nicolae Ceaușescu’s communist dictatorship, Romania had to struggle with many social issues: economical crisis, high rate of unemployement, migration, very low salaries and big corruption, and so on. Even after the entrance in the European Union, in 2007, the situation is still difficult. The funds the country received have not been well administrated and used the proper purposes they were dished for, such as the improvement of public transportation or the implementation of new infrastructures. The Western life models invaded the ex-socialist Romania, creating consumerist new generations and an incresing demand of technological devices and brand clothes, big houses and fun. The result is a divided society. While young people are exactly the same we can find in each european country, the old one is visibly marked by hardship suffered, it is discouraged and tired, sad and alone. As the famous romanian writer Nicolae Petrescu wrote, “The youth takes fire in the veins, the old age just tries to shake off the soot”.